About Us

Incorporated in 1983, ARITEX PRODUCTS CO., LTD. specializes in the manufacturing of hardware accessories for luxury yachts. Our product line includes anchors, mooring post, railings, angler’s chairs, steering wheels, fuel tanks, water tanks, pull door, stainless steel windows, hydraulic lifting boom, hydraulic shoring ladder, etc., all of which are available in hundreds of system items and thousands of specification sizes. To enhance production capacity and achieve higher quality, substantial sums have been invested in automated equipment for making replacement, including imported German Laser Cutting Machine, CNC Automatic Milling Machine, CNC Automatic Lathe, CNC multi-function Pipe Bender, CNC Automatic Punching Press, CNC Automatic Folding Machine, CNC Automatic Shearing Machine, Electronic Sensor Type Ion Cutting Machine, Automatic Warehousing System, and Automatic Picking System, etc.

In 1996, we launched our own “ARITEX” brand for distributing to the global market, and we are currently listed as one of seven leading manufacturers over the entire world. Currently we have erected three plants in Da Fa Industrial Park in Daliau Village of Kaohsiung County, Taiwan; Juiguang Plant #1, Juiguang Plant #2 and Huashi Plant. The site occupies some 16,500 square meters, while the plant house is approx. 23,600 square meters, and some 300 employees work together.

In actual operation, we cooperate with famed ship builders all over the world.

  • Europe: Luerssen, Nobiskrug, HDW, Feadship, Hakvoort, Royal Huisman and CMN.
  • United States of America: Trinity, Christensen, New Castle, Palmer Johnson and Derecktor.
  • Australia: Riviera, Maritimo and Muir
  • As well as those in the China and Asian regions.

To strive for the best and introduce innovative products, we invested huge funds in R&D and design, recruiting professional talents, and further cultivation. Currently, 20 specialists are recruited for our R&D and design departments. Abiding by the operation philosophy of “Customer first; Quality first”, actions have been taken by ARITEX with a view to achieving “zero defects” for our products. In addition, we also provide continuous education and training programs so that all employees may improve continuously in order to maintain our leading position in the world marketplace. This is the only way, we believe, to gain the required competitive advantage. With such strength, we are confident that “ARITEX” will be promoted as one of the top-class brands in this world. The ultimate goal of our efforts is to make our customers using “ARITEX” products feel the highest sense of satisfaction and superiority.

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